Creating an Interest

This article discusses the next step which is creating an interest or desire to continue reading your article.

We have discussed keyword research which helps you choose a phrase to focus your article on so that it doesn’t get lost in a crowd of thousands if not millions of pages on the same topic.

Your headline is the attention grabber that stops the person long enough for them to read your first paragraph. The headline is an ad for your article and the first paragraph should summarize what the article will cover and how the reader will benefit.

Some search engines and social sites may use the first 160 characters of your first paragraph as your description. For this reason, I recommend keeping the first paragraph to no more than 160 characters including spaces.

Note: The first paragraph of this article is 110 characters including spaces.

If you’ve noticed, some of my articles have certain phrases in bold in the first paragraph, they are also in the title and in the URL. Those are ways to tell the reader and the search engines the phrase I am targeting. I strongly suggest you adopt this tactic and then follow up by having a keyword density that doesn’t exceed 5% in your article but we’ll discuss that in another lesson.

Your task for today is to visit ArticlesBin and look at some of the articles in that article directory to see how many articles fail to build your interest in the first paragraph. You might also consider looking at articles you’ve written to see if you can revise them to flow from the headline into the first paragraph which starts creating an interest in your reader to continue reading your marketing article.

Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles