How To Write Marketing Articles – The Ebook

I’ve written this series on how to write marketing articles to help YOU write quality content that may help you passively generate traffic and buyers.

To make it easier for everyone to access the series even when not online, Patrick Gunning has compiled these articles into an ebook. This is in PDF format and I’ve included giveaway rights in case you wish to share it with others.

There are NO advertisements or affiliate links in this book.

You may download it by clicking

I will be adding additional hints here to help you generate interest in your articles but I’m not sure when.

Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles

A Marketing Articles Resource Box

Marketing articles are written to presell your customer by creating trust and the resource box is where you place your call to action.

In case you haven’t noticed in my previous posts, I’ve been teaching you to write using A.I.D.A.

A = Attention
I = Interest
D = Desire
A = Action

ALL good sales copy incorporates these four elements and, in my opinion, the BEST sales copy does them without actually trying to sell.

If you have to try to sell, you haven’t done a very good job of creating a burning desire in your prospect for your product, service or more information.

Your marketing article gives them a taste of the benefits and your resource box should be used to show them where they can get more information.

Let’s say you’ve written an article on ‘genital herpes’.

Sample Resource box 1:


John Smith has a degree in health care administration and you can find more about him and additional articles at


Sample Resource box 2:


If you enjoyed this article, you might also enjoy Living Life as if You Were Genital Herpes Free and additional articles on Natural Herpes Remedies.


In sample 1, the reader is given a brief bio of the author and told where they can find more information but there is no clear call to action or incentive to click the link and visit the website.

Sample 2 gives the reader the opportunity to visit another page that has an article on the SAME subject they were just reading. This is important because you already know they are interested in the subject AND your article just provided at least one benefit on that subject so there is a certain level of trust.

IF the second article is good and well written, you’ll be sliding your highly targeted visitor towards clicking on a product offer or subscribing to your newsletter at the end of that article.

The second hyperlink in sample 2 is a link to the home page of your website using keyword anchor text YOU choose. This means this one resource box is giving you two keyword rich links to your website from one article.

Write quality marketing articles and good resource boxes with links to an interior page AND your home page and you’ll be building the number of quality inbound links to your site EVERY time an article directory like ArticlesBin approves one of your articles.

Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles

Benefits and Building Desire

Stacking multiple benefits within a single marketing article makes it easier to build desire BUT you want to focus on only one keyword phrase. This may mean using some benefits in other articles and you may need to use a story to create the desire.

If your keyword phrase is a top tier phrase like weight loss, you can easily come up with a list of benefits that will build desire within the reader.

  • Looking good
  • Feeling good
  • Buying clothes that look and feel good.
  • Being healthier.
  • More attractive to your mate or prospective mates.

The above list is just a few of the benefits of weight loss that could be used to build desire in a prospect to help guide them toward the action you’ll ask them to take in the resource box.

Your goal in the article is to grab their attention with the headline. Get them interested in reading the article with the first paragraph, build their interest in the article body then present a call to action in the resource box.

If your keyword phrase doesn’t have multiple benefits like weight loss does, using a story that the reader can visualize themselves in works wonders as a presale. The story must fit the targeted keyword phrase and benefit you are targeting so your reader can easily draw the correct conclusion while visualizing.

The better you paint a word picture that the reader can see themselves in with their problem solved, the higher your clicks will be in a well written resource box.

A well written marketing article can drive traffic to your website for months if not years. The trick is to sell without selling.

Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles

Marketing Articles: The Article Body Part 2

This lesson will get more into the meat of writing your marketing articles for success.

If you noticed the structure of my last post, you saw that the paragraphs were short and there were bulleted points.

Humans rarely read every word the first time through an article. They skim it then return IF their interest is captured.

The eyes quickly tire too so you need to divide your message into bite sized chunks that can be separated by headers that are bold, one or two sentence introductions or simply white space.

Bulleted points are eye grabbers so they are great for listing the benefits you are covering in your article. Please make sure you list benefits instead of features.

2 gigs of DDR-2 RAM.

2 gigs of super fast DDR-2 memory is enough memory to play online multi-player games, edit videos or handle other multimedia tasks you enjoy.

As you can see from the above example, the benefit tells the reader WHY the fast memory is good rather than just stating it’s there.

The easier it is for your reader to picture themselves using your product or service the easier it is to get the action you desire from them.

Your headline had one benefit and including your other benefits in bulleted form in the article body lets the reader quickly choose the benefit that interests them most.

I suggest you visit the ArticlesBin article directory or another article directory where you can read some of the top articles to see what they have done right and what could be improved to make it even better.

There are many ways you can format your marketing articles but be sure you leave plenty of white space and use bulleted points where possible to ease eye strain and highlight important information to your reader.

Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles

Marketing Articles: The Article Body

The article body is where you start building on the interest you created with your first paragraph. The goal now is to create desire.

Many article directories like ArticlesBin require your articles be anywhere from 250 to 1,500 words. This gives you a lot of leeway to:

  • Your headline is your attention grabber.
  • Build interest with your first paragraph and briefly outline the benefits gained by reading more.

  • Create a desire in the main part of the article body.
  • Summarize the benefits you’ve covered in the article to remind the reader of the value they received by reading and

  • Gently slide in a call to action in your resource box.

I’ve found the sweet spot for articles in this fast paced world to be articles that are 350-650 words.

Your article body should be focused as completely as possible on the reader and the problem they are trying to solve.

If you insert ANYTHING about you in this article, it immediately raises the defensive shields in your prospect’s mind.

Give them usable information AND a way they can put that information to immediate use when possible. Nothing will sell them on you looking out for their benefit better than something that can be used immediately.

The TRICK is to give them enough to satisfy their immediate hunger by giving them a sampling then slide into the resource box that you have even more valuable information IF they take the simple action you ask of them.

Notice the structure of this post and I’ll discuss WHY it was written this way next time. May all of your marketing articles be successful.

Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles