The Marketing Article Summary

The summary you write for each of your marketing articles is almost as important as the article itself. Think article summary equals advertisement.

Some article directories, search engines and meta crawlers use the article summary you write plus your article title and URL to let visitors find your article.

The meta crawlers and search engines that use the article summary ONLY use the first 160 characters of the summary and that includes the punctuation AND spaces.

You WANT your potential reader to see a summary that is grammatically correct and has good spelling because that IS your first impression AFTER the article title.

The article summary is your chance to hint at the benefits gained by reading your article without giving too much away. A summary that doesn’t give enough information won’t catch their interest either.

If you think about your summary, you can include the keyword phrase you are targeting plus provide enough information to get your reader interested. The first paragraph of this article used 147 characters including the spaces and punctuation.

The ideal situation for search engine placement is to have your primary keyword phrase in the title, URL and summary. This gives the reader, search engines and article directories multiple chances to figure out the correct category for your article.

Your company name, contact information, URL or ANYTHING about YOU should be left out of your article summary. The summary is ALL about your reader and how THEY will benefit by reading your article.

HTML tags are not allowed by most article directories and search engines usually keep the descriptions as plain text.

Your title is and always will be the attention grabber but the marketing article summary you write is the teaser that’s seen before a decision is made on whether to read your article. Learn how to write a short and powerful marketing article summary and you’ll get more readers.

Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles