Marketing Articles and Getting Them Read


The first step in getting your marketing articles read is to target the right keyword phrase. This article discusses the keyword research which helps you get readers from the search engines.

Targeting is extremely important if you expect ANY traffic to the marketing articles you’ve placed in article directories like ArticlesBin. To illustrate my point, I’ll use the niche Remedies as the primary niche. Google has about 38.9 million pages indexed that contain that keyword so getting your article on the first two pages of results will be VERY difficult if it is even possible or worth the effort.

Knowing this, you need to start narrowing your focus and the process might look something like this:

Remedies 38,900,000
Natural remedies 5,030,000
Natural remedies for acne 63,800

As you can see, every step down narrowed the audience and the competition. By researching synonyms for acne, you might be able to find a keyword phrase that has even fewer competing phrases.

Every marketing article writer has their own target size and my personal preference is phrases that have fewer than 30,000 competing pages and a daily search volume that exceeds 100. this targeting strategy and my promotional efforts usually gets mention of my article on the first 2 pages of Google results in 5-7 days on average with some instances happening within a few hours.

Other marketing article authors like to target micro niches which are keyword phrases that have no or fewer than 5 competing pages with 5-10 searches per day. This can be VERY profitable if the product or service being marketed is a high ticket item.

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Written by Jerry McCoy - How To Write Marketing Articles